Research Centre

Labour India Educational Research Centre

"The future of India is formed in our classrooms."

This statement made by the Kothari Commission years ago has gained momentum in the current age of information explosion. In fact, the future of the country rests in the hands of our youth who know how to travel fruitfully along the information super highway and win success in life. The Labour India Educational Research Centre has this great awareness, and it is on this that it has built its foundations. The future of the country will be safe in the hands of the youths who obtain the right kind of education. The Labour India Educational Research Centre is engaged in the lofty endeavor to develop such a kind of education and make a positive revolution in the field of education.

It is the invaluable asset of Labour India to have more than three decades of practical experience, deep insight, and technological know-how and expertise in the field of educational publication. The organization, an Educational Research Centre with the resourceful assistance of about two hundred and fifty experts in the field, is well equipped to provide the students, teachers and parents of the country with significant help to meet the challenges of time.

Production of educational journals with modernity and novelty

It is needless to say that education is a lifelong process. The production of appropriate types of journals that suit the requirements of imparting an ideal kind of education requires much effort. The journals must be user-friendly in all aspects, especially containing the most modern and authentic information. Hence they are produced by resorting to all possible means of collecting information including the service of the internet, and they have to be adapted to suit the needs of the age groups and diverse district backgrounds of the children. They have to aim at students ranging from the primary to the higher secondary levels as well as their teachers and parents. It is for such a diverse panorama of readers that Labour India brings out 30 educational journals every month at present. The Research Centre plans to bring out about a hundred monthly journals in future targeting different groups of readers in different states as well.

Model Curriculum, Syllabus, Textbook Formulating Centre

This department aims at formulating curriculum, syllabus and textbooks of global standard, keeping in mind the changing needs, environment and challenges of the coming days. Experts can stay here, hold discussions and conduct research.

Books for General and Supplementary Reading

Even in comparatively good schools and in financially strong homes, there are not enough good books for reading. It is quite necessary that every school must have an open library containing enough books for supplementary reading. In the same way, every home must have its own small library. The Research Centre proposes to provide the required kind of books for general and supplementary reading.

Multimedia Education Development Centre

We have already an ultra-modern multimedia studio functioning in the Labour India Campus. The Labour India-fame visual travelogue ‘Sancharam’, which is telecast by Safari TV, is produced in our studio. A special wing is functioning under this Dept. for the development of multimedia educational CD ROMs. This division develops curriculum based and general educational CDs for the students and other knowledge-thirsty people.

Information Bank & Library

The Research Centre serves as an information house where one can obtain the latest information. It has an excellent library. It serves as a centre for providing service to the experts in Labour India, the teachers, students and the public in general.

On-line Information Service

Students (as well as teachers) ought to advance themselves in studies by asking questions and discovering their solutions. Labour India On-line Information Service is a centre where teachers and students can have their doubts clarified. It will be a 24-hour knowledge disseminating service centre which provides authoritative answers to the customer’s queries.